Good day, reader. Welcome to my blog. You can call me Productive Bum, or PB for short.

I dropped out of the university after losing all drive to learn in a traditional setting. Yes, I became a no-good bum. I struggled finding jobs and struggled more keeping one. That was before.

Currently, I’m a content marketing freelancer, web marketing associate, and forex trader.

I wish I was as cool as this guy, though.

Despite all the expected hardships I went through, I eventually discovered my passion for self-employment.

Why self-employment?

  1. I am not willing to go through urban traffic and waste 6 hours of my life, daily, on travel to and fro for work.
  2. I felt dumber day by day when I was an office employee.
  3. I’m spontaneous, imaginative, and sociable. I am not meant to be imprisoned in isolated workstations.
  4. My income per month is limitless as a self-employed individual.
  5. There are countless ways to multiply your income without necessarily having to work for extended hours when you’re self-employed.

Previously, I worked as a call center agent, an online English teacher, an SEO writer, and a financial advisor. I organized music gigs and managed other blogs before my previous partner and I decided to look for other sources of income.

Since we didn’t mind working for extra hours and using our brains extensively to cut time, self-employment eventually became our Holy Grail.

My previous partner and I have already parted ways. However, I continued working solo, now as a self-employed, productive “bum” who spends each day adventurously juggling work (as I put it in) and life (as it happens) all at once.

In this blog, I share insights, hacks, tips, and tricks to survive and thrive as a bum in this “work per unit time” society. I believe that you don’t have to become like everyone else to succeed. You just have to learn what works and make it better to your own advantage.

Here, you will discover surprising yet somehow obvious truths regarding time, productivity, happiness, priorities, value, and so on. All of these are founded on strong facts, my deepest reflections, and my most real experiences.

Once in a while, you’ll see personal posts about my life. I respect people’s privacy, so no real names will be dropped.

You might want to consider tuning into my blog and if you decide to, don’t hesitate to subscribe, follow, or even bookmark.

Wish nothing but the best for you, your career, and your life.