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Alon [tula]

It’s great that the first Tagalog poem I’ve read in a long while sent shivers down my spine. Kudos, Abba!

A Thousand Things

by Abba Marie Moreno

Dumating ka na parang alon
sa buhay ko:

Patuloy na nagpapatuloy,
Munting manlalakbay,
Malimit na humahalik sa
Dalampasigan ng buhay.

Nadatnan mo ako,
Sa pampang, naghihintay
Para sa mahabang takipsilim
Sa inibig kong tunay.

Ginusto kong malunod,
Oo, pero di ako makagalaw,
Kaya tumitig na lang ako
Sa mga along sumasayaw.

Sambit sa aking sarili,
Na parang ang laya mo
Sa iyong pagpili,

kung saan ka pupunta.

“Hindi ko rin ba kaya?”
Malalim akong huminga
At dali-daliang nag-impake na!
Paalis, paalis, dito sa isla
Ng aking poot at mga luha,
Bumubulong ang mga alon: “Mangarap ka!”

Saglit akong sumabay sa’yo,
Papunta sa sumasaibayo
At doon ko nga nakita,
Na malawak pa ang mundo:
Ang saya-saya ko,
Ang saya-saya ko,
At bahagi nun ay dahil sa’yo.

Dumating ka na parang alon
sa buhay ko:

Inanod ako ng iyong sigla
At nagpadala…

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Sampung Bagay na Itinuro sa Akin ng Pag-ibig: A Personal Take

Have you ever found yourself tricked into watching a telenovela once? Or are you one of many people here in the homeland who acknowledge telenovelas as part of everyday life?

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NZDUSD – Daily – Inside Day Candle might Lead to Potential Bullish Breakout

Good day! Apologies for posting this one too late. I found a nice setup today that may lead to a potential breakout.

If we look at NZDUSD on its daily chart, we’ll see that yesterday’s candle ended as an inside candle situated at a confirmed swing level and a bullish trend line. The setup can also qualify as a bullish channel.

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GBPNZD – Daily – Weekly Breakaway Gap?

Hi, y’all! I got a bit late because I was busy doing so many projects. I also had to finish a minor errand but I’m here already. That’s all that matters.

Let’s start with the first FX Chart Analysis for the week.

GBPNZD finished last week’s candle with a big outside candle, rejecting prices below the previous weekly resistance.

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Idea for a Comic with the help of YouTube

How many of you have always wanted to make your own comic/manga/whatever? I know I have.

The Japanese and Western comics and animated shows deeply influenced the Millennials of my homeland. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty surprised that the comic industry here in the Philippines hasn’t boomed into an industry worth hundreds of millions of pesos.

It sucks because I’ve been waiting for quite a while to read new stuff other than Trese.

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You complain about a corruption in the government, the church, and schools?

How about the media? Who says news is always true? No one. The media can get as corrupt as any institution there is in any state. Why not complain about media companies, too? I don’t hear people going all salty on them as frequently.

So, here’s an advice. Question. Question everything.

EURUSD – Daily – Price posted first lower high in more than a month

Good day! Today, we’ll talk about an interesting setup on the EURUSD chart.

EURUSD posted a lower high for the first time since February this year.

As you can see, price has been making higher lows and higher highs, indicating a bullish trend. A consolidation pattern was formed after the trend.

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Many people find it hard to forgive easily, but forgiveness is nothing but an acknowledgment.

Do you really know what happens when you forgive?

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GBPUSD – 4 Hours – Potential Bearish Swing from Resistance

Good day! Here’s my FX chart analysis for today and I think a good entry strategy can make a good trade out of this one.

GBPUSD keeps price within a recent ranging market structure.

At the 4-hour chart, price has formed multiple rejection candles, doji candles, and inside candles, which indicate that the market makes significant decisions at the structure top and bottom, further strengthening its authority.

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